Stephanie Czachor,

I received permanent make-up from Gabriella in 2011 on my eye brows, upper and lower lids and full lips.
She is truly an artist and exceptional at what she does. I had had the procedures done before and was unhappy with the results.
She is skilled, friendly and provides a pain free procedure. I would recommend her to anyone wanting permanent make-up.

Maria, Mississauga, ON

Gabriella’s House of Beauty Ltd. not only taught me the necessary artistic color skills but the precision and perfection of a medical procedure. If you want to learn from “The Master” then there is no one other than Gabi in profession with such great skills…

Loved my experience. It felt like a pen gliding on my eyes. No pain at all. I did have it done before by another person and that time it really hurt but with Gabriella it was like an eye massage. Would recommend it to everyone. It’s one less thing to worry about permanent makeup what a God sent.

Terry Fletcher, (Instructional Technologist Toronto) Toronto, ON

Gabi’s down to earth attitude makes it easy to relate to her to the classes well comfortable and less stressful than I expected. I learned a lot!

Marilyn Bernard, (Alberni School of Cosmetology) BC, Canada

Gabi has great information and fantastic work! Perfection is her specialty. The “hands-on” makes me feel very confidence to go home and begin my new business…

Natasha Leddon, Jonesboro Georgia, USA

Great information! Experienced teacher! A lot of fun! My make-up turned out even more beautiful than I expected they would be!

Natelie Hawkins, Hampton Georgia, USA

Relaxed atmosphere & very professional & friendly & helpful! You’re gonna love it! Love the teaching and hands on experience. You’re gonna love having your own face done!

Carol Charlice , Haymarket Virginia, USA

I had so much fun. Studying with you, it seemed I had known you for a long time. Thank you so much to take me in your class for a very short notice. I am so pleased to meet a person like you, so nice and understanding…

Phayon Linda, Toronto, ON

I found my upgrade class to be very informative and allowed me to use the latest equipment available on the market. I have acquired new techniques to enhance my present practice. I would highly recommend this class for any technician who is motivated to stay on top of the business…

Julie Vander Baaren, (Laser Rejuvenation Clinics) Calgary, AB

A special thanks to you Gabi for sharing your knowledge and experience in permanent make-up. I would strongly recommend you to anyone that would be interested in learning permanent makeup because you’re a great teacher and a fun person…

Ana De Oliveira, Mississauga, ON

I thoroughly enjoyed my class with Gabi. She is the most professional teacher that I have ever met. Her knowledge and skill in the art of permanent cosmetic tattooing is undeniably world renown! Being able to provide this service to my already existing clients will be of a great asset to my business. Thank you for making this an interesting enjoyable and fun day for myself and my two models…

Lee Stacy-Lance, Aurora, ON

The course was informative and interesting. Gabriella is full of information and is very honest and diligent with what she teaches you…

R. Petroachenko, Welland, ON

I have come from Victoria BC, to take the course and was not disappointed. Having services done I expected it to hurt but was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t…

Dorothy Hirsch, (Classy Claws) Victoria, BC

Gabi “The Permanent Make-Up” course meet more than my expectations! Gabi is a very qualified instructor.
After several inquiries as to where I was going to take the course, I found her school was the best qualified.

Joyce Drapeau, Quebec

I found Gabriella is a very giving person, she’s given all her trade secrets to me and I learned more than I expected. I appreciate a lot. She teaches you very well and even if she’s busy she has an eye on you and your work… Gabi is a wonderful person!

(Jehane Saleh) from Egypt

Gabi is an exceptional person, always willing to share experiences. She is very direct and knowledgeable. She is fabulous!!

Sandy Poldrugovac (Beauty supplier) Mississauga, ON

Lorraine loved her own permanent make up so much that she became a permanent make up artist herself!

Lorraine worked for years in the office at the army base in Kingston. One day a friend of hers (Sylvia) from Sylvia’s Studio at the Canadian Force Base in Kingston told her that Gabriella Serpan of “Gabi THE PERMANENT MAKE UP” was coming to Kingston to do permanent cosmetics on some of her customers. Lorraine booked her appointment to have her eyebrows, eye-liner and lip-liner applied that weekend also. Lorraine just thought that was the best thing she ever did in her life, waking up every morning looking great. That next month Lorraine registered for classes and is loving her new career. Lorraine believes in doing nothing but perfect work. As a teacher I feel proud of a student like
Lorraine Wolff, (from Kingston, ON) who aims for perfection, it reflects on my teaching abilities.

Gabi is an exceptional person, always willing to share experiences. She is very direct and knowledgeable. She is fabulous!!

Sandy Poldrugovac (Beauty supplier) Mississauga, ON

I had a great time learning from Gabi, she is an awesome teacher. I learned so much while attending classes.

Samantha Tofflemire, Windsor, ON

You learn allot one on one, everything you need to start off, very helpful and a good experience. All products needed afterwards are available to purchase.

Melissa MacKay, Hamilton, ON

Gabi is very detailed in her work, and demands the same from her students.

Chenoa Chapman, Mississauga, ON

Gabi really knows her stuff. She’s a perfectionist every time and a professional.

Anne Starkes, Oakville, ON

Gabriella gives her undivided attention to her students. She is easy to approach, provides room for students to engage in the classroom. Very Helpful.!

Shawshan Kwarkis, Hamilton, ON

I would recommend this training course for anyone interested in pursuing a career in permanent make up. Very informative!

Eleonora Kay, Toronto, ON

I had a fantastic time learning with Gabriella. I feel prepared to start my journey.

Rebecca Marchuk , Hornby, ON

Gabi is the best in her field. Her expertise, experience and standard of excellence is highly respected by clients and those seeking her help to repair the work of lesser skilled technicians.

Inge Paraszcyn, Wasaga Beach, ON

My make-up turned out even more beautiful than I expected they would be.

Nalilie Hawkins, U.S.A.

I felt comfortable with Gabriella.  She answered all my questions and how to perfect my work.

Jeanne d’Arc Aoud, Mississauga, ON

I gained a lot of experience with Gabriella in the past five days.  Thank you for your patience and I’m so glad to have worked with you.  You added a lot to my portfolio!  🙂

Eliane Trad, Laval, PQ

Gabi is a wonderful teacher. She’s very detail oriented and teaches a lot of hands-on. She is stern and very competent at what she does. Each individual will learn the proper techniques with excellent student/teacher ratio. Being a student means you need to learn properly – Gabi ensures this.

Tracey Watson, Burlington, ON

Gabriella helped me a lot and she answered all my questions.

Rima Sobh, Ottawa, ON

If you are interested in Permanent Make-Up course. You have come to the right place.

Student, 2014, ON

Learning was comfortable and at ease.

Student, 2014, ON

Environment was very tidy & clean friendly staff.

Scot, 2014, ON

I was prepared after finishing this course to practice.

Student, 2014, ON

Love her way of teaching!

Student, 2014, ON

Procedure is painless. I had my eyebrow done with other technicians I can assure you Gabi is the best at what she does.

Client, 2014, ON

She studies your face, eyes & chooses perfect colour and does the best job.

Client, 2014, ON

It’s never easy to match your eyebrows and she perfects it. I am so grateful for Gaib and happy for what she taught me, I enjoyed her amazing sense of humour and loving caring personality.

Yasmeen, Class of March 2014, ON

I had a very good experience at Gabi’s . It was professionally done
and well supervised. I would recommend to anyone who wants permanent Make-Up. Client, 2017, ON