Is this you?

  • Are you allergic to cosmetics?
  • Too busy to look your very best?
  • Want to look fresh & natural always?
  • Never learned to apply make-up properly?
  • Do you have oily skin that won’t hold make-up well?
  • Do you have physical or visual limitations that hinder your ability to apply make-up?

Now you can save countless hours and dollars shopping for make-up, caring for your products, and shaping your eyebrows, eyeliner and lipliner. Save yourself the embarrassment of having your pencil lines slide down your face halfway through the day.

Gabriella’s House of Beauty specializes in corrective permanent make-up for clients that have had the bad experience of going to a non-professional establishment.

We guarantee all procedures to your satisfaction.


Get to know our Permanent Make-Up services

  • Eyebrows  Permanent Make-Up
  • Permanent Make-Up/ Microblading/ Permanent Cosmetics
  • Eyeliner / Eye Enhancement
  • Lipliner  / Full Lip Color  Permanent Make-Up
  • Beauty Marks
We have hundreds of before and after pictures for you to see.
Your face is our business card & we take it seriously.

Eyebrows Permanent Make-Up

Have you tweezed your eyebrows to death, and they never grew back in? Have your eyebrows drooped due aging, or maybe you have a scar in your eyebrow that always has to be penciled in? Cosmetic tattooing can literally give you a mini eye-lift. You will be amazed at the more youthful look you can achieve. Your Permanent Make-Up technician will help you choose the desired shape and color that will best enhance your, face shape. The color of your eyebrows are usually one shade lighter than your hair color.

Eyeliner Permanent Make-Up

Choose a color that compliments your eyes. Dramatize them. Be as beautiful as possible. People are always looking at your eyes when they are speaking with you. Large eyes with thick lashes are more apt to catch attention. Permanent eyelining along the eyelashes give the elusion of thicker lashes and more beautiful definition of the eyes. Shape, color and thickness of lines are determined by your Permanent Make-Up Technician and you.

Lipliner / Full Lip Permanent Make-Up

Do you have problems with lipstick bleeding or your lips are not quite as thick as you would like them? Permanent Make-Up is the answer for you! The permanent implanted color actually builds a ridge to stop lipstick from bleeding. A thick line above your natural lip line will build up thin lips. Drawing a line inside your lip line will diminish excessively large lips to make them appear smaller. You can choose colors ranging from bright red to a soft pink to just a dark skin tone. These issues are discussed in your consultation appointment.

Beauty Marks Permanent Make-Up

Beauty marks are permanently created to accent a beautiful area of the face. Usually placed at the highest point of the cheek-bone, near the eye to attract others to your eyes, or near the mouth to bring their attention to your beautiful lips. Depending on your skin tone, the beauty marks can range from light brown, medium to dark brown, to black. For example: Stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Cindy Crawford and Madonna.

Personal Colour Analysis


This service takes approximately 2 hours and costs $99.95 + HST
Included is your seasonal colour wallet free when you purchase this service.

This appointment includes the draping of all four seasonal fabrics to see what suits your skin type properly and once determined will help you to save money buying the right make-up, clothes that you will look stunning in, also painting your house so that you feel comfortable living in, and do not forget your car, make sure you look great driving the right coloured car. With our Personal Colour Analysis Service you will save you (remove) thousands of dollars throughout your life time. It is the best gift you can buy anyone you love.